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Elite Ringette


Did you know that some of the most success female athletes in Canada got their start playing Ringette?  Catriona Lemay-Doan and Clara Hughes both began their athletic careers as ringette players.  The skills you learn as an elite level ringette player give you the opportunity to take your life in many different directions and it is totally up to you which the path you take. Rest assured that regardless of the ringette playing path you take, it will lead you to success, not only in athletics but in life!


Where can I go with ringette?


AAA Ringette

AAA is an important step on the development path for ringette players aiming to play at the elite level.  Every other year, 5 regions in Ontario each select a regional all-star team of U19 players to represent their region at the AAA level.  A sixth team, called United, is formed from players from across Ontario who did not make the team in their home region.  Players on AAA teams are normally chosen from the U19 and U16 age and AA or A level of play.  During the AAA season, they play on their local association U19 or U16 team in addition to playing AAA.  This season (2017-2018) represents year 3 in the 4 year development program, players on the AAA will be considered for the Team Ontario Roster that will play in the Canada Winter Games in Red Deer in 2019.


The six AAA teams compete in 3 Challenge Cup tournaments over the course of the season.  For the 2017/18 season the Challenge Cups are being hosted by London, Richmond Hill and Newmarket.  At the end of the season, they represent ringette in the Ontario Winter Games, a major youth multi-sport event.  The 2018 Ontario Winter Games are being hosted by Orillia.


Most of the players recently selected for Team Canada or the U19 Team Canada East had played AAA.  It is an opportunity for players to play with and against the top 100 U19 players in Ontario. It gives players exposure to elite level coaching and elite training.

Team Ontario

Every 4 years, Ontario participates in the Canada Winter Games.  The 2019 Canada Winter Games will take place in Red Deer Alberta.  The members of Team Ontario will be selected from among the AAA players in the 2017-18 season.

Team Canada

Every even numbered year, there is a World Championships of Ringette.  They flip between U19 and 18+ championships, every 2 years.  Team Canada competes against other countries from around the World that have embraced Ringette.


U19 Team Canada East and West – All Players are welcome to try-out for these teams and are usually selected from U19 A/AA teams.  Most players have played AAA in the past.  In December 2012, London Ontario was the host of the U19 World Championships. Team Canada East won the gold medal.


18+ Team Canada – These tryouts are not open.  Players must be playing in the NRL and be invited to tryout for this team.  The 2017 World Championships are being played in Mississauga in December, 2017

University Ringette

University Ringette provides an option for those players interested in playing a high level of ringette into their post-secondary academic careers.  This pathway of the sport, and the retention it represents, is of great importance to the long term viability of ringette.


Significant scholarships for university ringette players are starting to become a reality.  As university ringette becomes more established in Canada many more teams will be able to offer significant scholarships to their players.  Check out this link for more information (http://www.canadianuniversityringette.ca/)

National Ringette League (NRL)

As professional as ringette gets!  Thirteen teams from across Canada compete in the NRL playing games over the course of the season.  Players are drafted, coaches are compensated and the season culminates with playoffs.  Most players continue to go to school or are working while playing in their spare time – this is not a paying job but allows players to keep playing the game they love at a highly competitive level.


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